Social Share Buttons

Social Share Buttons

You can use Share Button Shortcode to display share buttons on any page. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest


Social Channel
You can choose Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or Pinterest

Button text
Button text can be set, or you can use “only icon” or “icon with counts” buttons instead.

Button size
There are 5 available button size: small, normal, large, extra large and XXL buttons

Hover effect
You can choose a hover effect: Fade, Fill from Top, Fill from Right, Fill from Bottom, Fill from Left, Expand Horizontal, Expand Vertical, Expand Diagonal

You can choose a hover animations: Bounce, Shake, Rubber, Swing, Pulse, Tada, Wobble, Jello

Button styles
You can use 3D buttons, only border and full-with buttons. You can also use rounded buttons with custom radius.

Shadow effect also can be set. You can fully customize the shadow effect (inset, horizontal, vertical, blur and color)

You can set an extra margin for buttons (in pixel).

Custom colors
You can fully customize the colors. Text color, background color, border color can be set for default and for hover state as well.